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Additional Groups Overriding Primary

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Fayettemat, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Fayettemat

    Fayettemat New Member

    As I briefly mentioned on the Discord server, if you have more than one user group tied to your account it will take and assign (all/the combined?) roles when you sync to discord. It doesn't appear to sync your primary group as a first match but instead looks for all groups that match.

    I, personally, find that a bit annoying, but possibly it's something that is how it's supposed to be designed by you guys so.. yea.

    Edit: I suppose the issue is really due to not having an option to auto promote to a group if they sync their discord user (as I mentioned on Discord).
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2016
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Developer Staff Member

    Ok, if I'm reading this correctly, you are expecting the highest priority (or primary) group to be the only group association that is sync'd to Discord. If so, that is not how this add-on is designed.

    It is designed with the recommended method of having secondary groups change and your primary being registered. As it stands, I do not see an option to limit what groups are associated to roles being sync'd being added. But please, do open a suggestion. :)

    As for the auto-promote to a group based on association Discord, this is another valid suggestion. However, without an association, there is no sync or attempted sync that will happen. So not sure what you are getting at here either.
  3. The Dark Wizard

    The Dark Wizard Administrator Staff Member

    It is intentionally designed so that it is completely controlled by xF. Using auto promotion(including the ability not to get some groups based on other groups) means that it can be finely tuned.

    For example on my personal site regular members get added to a group called Discord on xenforo when they reach 10 posts and have been around for 24 hours. This group gives you Member on discord.

    The xF Discord group does NOT get given to you if you are in a staff related group. Instead those groups give you the proper association. We have a way more complex setup then that using promotions and the such but basically you should be able to accomplish anything as long as you can do it within xF"s system.
  4. Fayettemat

    Fayettemat New Member

    That works, however, I was thinking that it should be an option added to auto promote (as some addons do) if the user has a discord account synced between XenForo and Discord.
  5. Jeremy

    Jeremy Developer Staff Member

    If by auto-promote, you mean a feature that allows you to add another secondary user group if they've associated their license, that's a valid suggestion. Please make one.

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